About Koro Koro

We are a brand new café in downtown Jersey City that serves Japanese style onigiri or rice balls. They are small balls of rice stuffed with a wide variety of cooked fillings served with or without nori or seaweed paper. Rice balls are a healthy, fast, affordable comfort food; perfect for a snack, a quick lunch, or for dinner on the go! We serve rice balls with our favorite Japanese fillings as well as some fillings inspired by our favorite rice dishes from around the world. Why not? The rice ball is inherently just as versatile as the sandwich and even better tasting! We prepare them warm and made to order for the ultimate comfort food experience.

Oh, and by the way, the offerings at Koro Koro are all Gluten Free! And don’t you worry gluten eaters, you will never know. The menu items are not made up of strange concoctions of gluten substitutes but they are created from the endless list of flavorful ingredients that just happen not to contain gluten. We also have some amazing vegetarian and vegan options, so everyone can enjoy this delicious and healthy snack or meal!